K9-Gear team

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Welcome to the official website of K9 – Gear LLC.!

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Who are we?

We are the official distributor who has been running the official http://shop.julius-k9.com webshop for three years.

We are one of the biggest official distributors of Julius-K9 professional dog equipment. Our task is to provide the best service for our retailers and to promote Julius-K9 products all across the world.

What is our goal?

We are an official distributor of Julius-K9 products, our main goal is to provide professional equipment for dogs and their owners, like harnesses, collars, leashes and many other parts of equipment.

Why are we successful?

You might ask how we can provide this quality of service.

Our success is greatly due to our close relationship with the manufacturer. Our office is located within striking distance from the factory (approximately 3 kilometers). This lets us get the items which are missing from our warehouse as quick as possible, so your order may be ready-to-ship in only one day!

Our large international partnerships help us all to mutual success and the satisfaction of our customers. Those, who order are guaranteed to get the best quality fot the best price.

When it comes to shipping we are considered quite flexible. Our main deliverer is Magyar Posta Ltd. if we need to deliver little packages, but if you order huge shipments or if you prefer courier services we have contracts with DHL, FedEx and UPS, so we can deliver your package anywhere you want us to!